Golden Doors Scholars

Scholarship Overview: Scholarships, career and fellowship support, mentorship, and community-building opportunities for undocumented high school seniors and undergraduate students.

Deadline Date: October 23, 2022
Scholarship Details:

Seniors and Undergraduates
Applicants must have DACA, TPS or be undocumented, meaning currently not have lawful status in the US. You can find more details about eligibility HERE
High GPA
Applicants must have high financial need
Taking advanced or challenging high school classes
Driven to excel and help others succeed
Has held leadership positions or is involved in the community
Actively applying for a variety of scholarships
I am willing to apply to or attend one of the Golden Door Scholars Partner Schools.

Strong preference will be given to applicants who have high financial need and are interested in pursuing one of the following career paths: software engineering, nursing, data analytics, business analytics, and digital marketing. Popular majors that align with these career paths include math, statistics, economics, computer science, data science, etc.

Application Requirements:
Your high school and/or college transcript.
Your class rank and class size if available.
Information about leadership and extracurricular activities.

Essay Details:

An essay – you can use one written from one of your college applications or use one of the prompts from The Common Application.

Award Amount: TBD


Additional Contact & Submission Information:

Submit scholarship application by 11:59 p.m.


Eligibility: Academic/Merit, Financial Need, DACA Dreamers
Profession/Major: Business, Computer Science, Marketing, Mathematics, Nursing, Science, Open to All
Grade Level: Undergraduate Students, High School