The Voyager Scholarship

Scholarship Overview: Undergraduate students who will be entering their junior year next fall and pursuing a career in public service by providing access to travel and education.

Deadline Date: March 22, 2023
Scholarship Details:

The Voyager Scholarship helps students pursuing careers in public service by providing access to travel and education.

Applicants must meet all of the following eligibility criteria:

  • Plan to enroll full-time in their junior year of study at an accredited four-year college or university in the United States in Fall 2023. Eligible students are:
    • Finishing sophomore year in Spring 2023. Applicants should be considered “juniors” based on the total number of earned credits at their institution by Fall 2023
    • Or transferring from a two-year to a four-year college for their 2023-2024 junior academic year
  • Have a minimum grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale or equivalent
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to public service
  • Plan to pursue a future career in public service upon graduation
  • Be United States (US) citizens, US permanent residents (holders of a Permanent Resident Card), or individuals granted deferred action status under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program (DACA)

Application Requirements: GPA

Award Amount: 55,000
Award Details:

Voyagers will receive the following:

Students will receive up to $25,000 per year plus $30,000 for travel opportunities in “last dollar” financial aid to cover remaining tuition and/or living costs for their junior and senior years of college. This last-dollar approach builds on other financial aid programs and helps ensure the students can pursue a career in public service and are not constrained by crushing student debt.

Summer Voyage: President Obama and Brian have different backgrounds, but share the fundamental belief and lived experience that exposure to new places and experiences broaden our horizons and redefine what we believe is possible. With a budget of $10,000, students will design their own summer voyage between their junior and senior year of college. The experience will allow students to pursue internships or mentorship opportunities anywhere in the world that will broaden their horizons and prepare them for careers in public service. Students will also be able to stay in homes on Airbnb using credits provided by Airbnb.
10-year travel stipend: After graduation, Airbnb will provide the students with a $2,000 travel credit every year for 10 years, totaling $20,000. This will allow students to continue to broaden their horizons and forge new connections throughout their public service careers.
Fall Summit: Fall Summit: Each fall, students will be invited to a summit to help define and inspire their public service journey.
A network of leaders: Throughout the program, students will be invited to an ongoing speaker series, giving them access to a network of leaders. This network of leaders will expose them to new areas of service and innovations happening in their fields. After graduation, they will join the Obama Foundation’s global community, providing them with Foundation resources and programming.


Contact Email:

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Eligibility: Financial Need, Citizen/Permanent Resident, DACA Dreamers
Profession/Major: Broadcasting, Business, Criminal Justice, Education, Environmental Science, Government, Health, Journalism, Library Studies, Social Justice, Social Services, Various, Political Science, School Counseling, Education Support Specialists
Grade Level: Undergraduate Students

Institution Type: 4-year college
Other: Renewable