Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship Program

Scholarship Overview: Scholarship for graduating seniors and fellowship for undergraduate/graduate students pursuing petroleum engineering.

Deadline Date: April 15, 2023
Scholarship Details:

The Gus Archie Memorial Scholarship is supported by the Archie Fund of the Society of Petroleum Engineering (SPE) and awards an outstanding student who plans to pursue an undergraduate degree in petroleum engineering.


Submit an appraisal from your high school principal, adviser, or counselor with your academic history.
Upload a letter of recommendation from a counselor, teacher, or principal.
Comply with sanction policy.
Complete the electronic submission process.
SPE also awards scholarships for undergraduates and graduate fellowships related to the oil and gas industry.

Application Requirements: Letter of Recommendation(s)

Award Amount: $5,000



Profession/Major: Engineering
Grade Level: Undergraduate Students, High School, Graduate Students

Institution Type: 4-year college
Other: Renewable